Top 10 Simple Backyard Landscaping Ideas on Budget

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Everyone wishes to get a villa, with a sweeping backyard, all set with pool and sauna rooms. But in reality, in the modern times, it becomes very hard to come across such beautiful mansions in the heart of a bustling city. While designing and planning your backyard landscape might seem a grand idea, the cost factor might also play out loud in the background.

So, let us improvise and beautify the area that we get with some unique and affordable backyard landscape ideas!

1. Recycle and Re-use: If you wish to re-cycle the old cartons and wooden crates of beer, nothing works better than plants. Try to fill them up with dirt, and stones, and create the long-overdue kitchen garden. Your small backyard landscape will not even require a big place, and these boxes of wood will be porous and hard enough for the plants.

Recycle and Re-use

2. Cobbled Stones to the Rescue: If you have polished stones or pebbles in your area, use them as gravel path to spots where you wish to walk and sit. These stones can even be lined up along the sides of a mud path just as a boundary, and they look decent and give in a lot of class.

Cobbled Stones

3. Creating a Small Waterfall or Fountain: There are plenty of DIY’s online that tell you ways to create small fountains to decorate the backyard landscape. Even the ready to install ones are not expensive and yet, with a little bit of thought they can look gorgeous.

Small waterfalls


4. Creating Small Islands of Evergreens: It is cool and they shall provide the natural shade. If you always love a dense green shaded area for yourself, then go for these small forests of evergreen trees.

5. Have a Seating Bench: While the backyard landscape cannot be sprawling, at least having a bench to sit out and read a book will always be a welcome move.


seating bench


6. Light up Right: Lights can define the backyard right, and if you have planted trees and shrubs, putting up lights to highlight these can just brighten up the night and your backyard alike.


backyard lights

7. Set up Right Boundaries: Many times, a particular simple area of the backyard landscape might seem gorgeous if it gets definitive boundary or border. Get small bricks and lay them as borders and the pocket pinch will be so minor.

8. Have a Picnic Table Set: Creating a rustic charm with a picnic bench is not a big expense and yet, it is just right for creating a beautiful backyard landscape just like that.

9. Swings or Hammocks: Those who wish to ditch the plain chairs and recliners for something more dramatic and playful can opt for swings that come in various styles nowadays.

10. Easy to Make Planter Wall: Have a wall where you can fix little old tin cans or flower pots and plant small flowering plants to make the wall look pretty and that too without burning a hole in the pocket.
With these simple and easy to have options in hand, surely, you can try to give a new lease of life to your backyard.


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