5 Ways to Remodel Kitchen on Your Budget

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These days, with the advances in technology, the look of kitchens of various households are changing frequently. The outdated items are replaced by the new ones. If the structure of your kitchen is strong enough and requires only minor changes, the below noted points must be kept in mind.

1. Planning

Before rushing to do any task for remodeling the Outdated/ old kitchen, make a plan. What is your requirement? Complete replacement of old cabinets, tiles, all peripherals, plumbing system, lighting system, different fixtures or just want to do some of works out of above as painting, lighting Updation, replacing cabinetry hardware, replacing taps etc. Budget is one of the essential aspects to be kept in mind and you may take a help of professional and discuss your requirement and budget with him. Complete replacement of peripherals requires heavy budget whereas painting, lighting Updation etc. are less expensive ways to give your kitchen a new look.

2. Painting

Re-painting the kitchen is best way to transform your kitchen from outdated look to a new one. Whole of the kitchen be repainted including peripherals, cabinets, ceilings, floors etc. the services of professional painter be taken to get the work done according to your favorite color. You may do it yourself by using the brush; foam roller brush etc or spraying can also be tried. Spraying is an expensive option and also requires some technique and practice. Colour may be of your choice but it should be kept in mind the paint should be matching with other items as tiles, steel items and cabinets.

3. Lighting

If newly painted kitchen accompanied with bright lighting, it will provide the luxurious look. Under cabinet lighting is not only helpful in working even in the dark but also make you feel different. The outdated switch boards, power points, bulbs, tubes may be replaced with the latest ones. Add some hanging pendant lights from ceiling. Electric works are dangerous, so get the services of electrician.

4. Replacing Cabinet Hardware

Changing the cabinet hardware is another less expensive way to remodel your kitchen. Unscrew the old/outdated hardware of cabinet doors & its drawers and screw it with new ones. Fill the holes of old screw with the cabinet matching putty. Give time to get the putty dry. After drying the putty, latest hardware to cabinets as handles/ knobs/pulls is screwed. Except cabinets the handles of kitchen doors, locking systems be changed with new ones. Without touching the underground plumbing system the outdated taps may get changed with the new ones.

5. Replacing all Peripherals of the Interior

If these small reformation measures are not enough and you want to completely change the interior of kitchen. (Due to it may a purchased house.) Then it is an expensive work. Always get the services of experts / professionals. Remove all the interior items of the kitchen and make it empty. Now as per the plan; start the work, right from changing the underground systems of lighting and plumbing up to giving it a luxurious finishing touch. Be aware and alert regarding the price comparison of different required commodities. Always give the work to experienced contractor and keep close eye on its work.



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