10 Best Pool Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Swimming Pool Clean

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In case you happen to live in the valley of the sun and also own a swimming pool, then the following tips for its maintenance will help you keep it bright and sparkling. Regular cleaning and salt water pool maintenance will avoid your trips to the market for purchasing chemicals. Swimming pool treatments also help in reducing your maintenance costs.

Swimming Pool Cleaning

Check out some of the tips below for keeping your swimming pool clean and ready at all times.

1.  Always check at regular intervals the pool chemistry both during the winter and summer months. Chlorine is needed. Therefore, salt water pool maintenance has to be done by using proper swimming pool treatments.


2.  Skimmer should be cleaned weekly, as it is inside the pool. The more it can skim off the surface of the pool, the better it is.

3.  Also, clean the lint pot and its hair which is present in the front of the pool pump. This should be done every alternate week so that the salt water pool maintenance is carried out at regular intervals. Go in for multi-speed pumps as it will enable you to give a better swimming pool treatment.

4.  Keep an eye on the water level. It should neither be too high or too low. The water should be right at the centre of the pool skimmer to give maximum performance. The skimmer will not work effectively otherwise.

5. In case you are using chlorinator for salt water pool maintenance, get it checked regularly for the chlorine level in order to avoid clogging and be able to perform swimming pool treatment thoroughly.

6. Ozonator should be checked properly by seeing whether the light is on and in working condition. Ozone and UV can reduce the chlorine amount used by the pool and help with salt water pool maintenance.

7. in case you are using the salt system, salt pool, or no-chlorine pool, then look into these aspects.
If your unit produces chlorine, you don’t have to purchase it. But there is a certain risk. The cell must be clean for you to be able to get proper results. Avoid putting too much salt. Salt systems increase the pH and the acid. It can be useful if you understand its functioning properly. Salt water pool maintenance is very important for the swimming pool treatment.

8. The filter should be cleaned regularly. They give good flow and conserve the water. The water crystal should be cleaned after the storm and when needed. Acid should be added to water and not the other way around. Salt water pool maintenance helps in keeping the pool strong and durable with proper swimming pool treatments at regular intervals.

9. Take time off to see the condition of the pool at regular intervals. It will help you see whether the side pool is weak or not and whether the cleaning system is functioning properly. You will also be able to see if the bottom of the pool is visible and crystal clear.

10. Salt water pool maintenance and using swimming pool treatment methods regularly will reduce the build-up of dirt and scum.

Chemicals should be kept out of the sun. Keep them in a cool place. Ozone system helps you avoid getting a shock every time you visit the pool.

If any crack is noticed, put a chunk of clear silicone and don’t allow the water to penetrate the crack and its joint. The swimming pool treatment also helps in the longevity of the pool. Remember to clean the nitrates from the bird droppings away as it spoils the pool and decays quickly.


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